Top 10 Historical Districts to Visit in Tokyo with a Kimono Rental


Tokyo, while lined with modern buildings, also abounds in districts where history and tradition breathe life. How about strolling through these historically atmospheric districts dressed in a beautiful kimono? By renting a kimono, you can fully appreciate the charm of Tokyo’s historical districts. Here, we introduce 10 historical districts in Tokyo that you should visit wearing a kimono.


The solemn atmosphere of Senso-ji Temple, the bustle of Nakamise Street, and the power of the Thunder Gate are all enhanced as you walk through in a kimono. It is a place where you can feel the good old atmosphere of Japan. Numerous kimono rental shops, including Wargo, are lined up in Asakusa.


Visit historical buildings while feeling the nature in Ueno Park, and spend time touching art and history. A stroll in a kimono will enrich your cultural experience.


Walk through the beautiful gardens of the Imperial Palace in a kimono and enjoy the contrast with the modern buildings of Marunouchi. It is a special place where history and the present intersect.


Nihonbashi, lined with historic shopping streets and high-end restaurants, is a place where you can feel the atmosphere of Edo when visited in a kimono. Experience the elegance of this area in a graceful kimono.


Walk through the sophisticated streets of Ginza, visiting high-end brand stores and art galleries in a kimono. Time flows more exceptionally when you walk through Ginza in a kimono.


Visiting the seaside of Odaiba in a kimono makes you feel the open atmosphere and modern landscape freshly. The combination of the sea and the kimono also makes an extraordinary photo spot.


Show off the charm of the kimono while enjoying shopping and gourmet food around Sunshine City. It is a place where the kimono shines in the city.


Enjoy the spectacular view from Roppongi Hills in a kimono. At night, the combination of the kimono and the night view creates a romantic atmosphere.


Walking along the Meguro River in a kimono, you can comfortably feel the seasonal beauty and nature. The cherry blossoms in spring are especially recommended.


Visit historical power spots at Shinagawa Shrine and experience a new side of the Minato Ward in a kimono. Enjoy the charm of the kimono in Shinagawa, where history and the present intersect.

Each district has spots whose charms are enhanced when explored in a kimono. Wear a rental kimono, feel the beautiful sceneries and atmospheres of Tokyo’s historical districts, and create lovely memories.