Top 10 Reasons to Enjoy Kimono Rental in Tokyo


Tokyo, often referred to as the face of Japan, is a city where the future intersects with tradition. Spending time in Tokyo wearing a rented kimono will be a special and unique experience. But what exactly are the charms of doing so? Here, we introduce in detail 10 reasons to enjoy renting a kimono in Tokyo.

Fusion of Modern and Traditional

Tokyo is an ultra-modern city, but it also has many historical areas. Wearing a kimono, you can coordinate with both the modern scenery such as the Skytree and Shinjuku skyscrapers and the nature in places like Asakusa Temple and Ueno Park. This contrast highlights the unique charm of Tokyo.

Diverse Tourist Spots

Tokyo is dotted with various tourist spots. You can visit places where you can feel old Japan in a kimono, and also visit trendy spots, spending a varied day. For example, after visiting Asakusa Temple in a kimono, you can enjoy shopping in Harajuku and Omotesando.

International Exchange

Tokyo is an international city visited by people of many nationalities. Wearing a kimono attracts attention from tourists, and it can also be a chance for international exchanges. Even if you don’t speak the language, you can enjoy non-verbal communication through the kimono.

Seasonal Events

Various events are held throughout the year in Tokyo. Participating in cherry blossom viewing, festivals, and parades while wearing a kimono makes the events feel even more special. You can also enjoy choosing a kimono that matches the event.

Gourmet Experiences

Tokyo is also a gourmet city. Wearing a kimono when visiting various restaurants and cafes makes the meal even more enjoyable. Japanese food, in particular, goes well with kimonos, allowing you to enjoy the deliciousness of Japan.

Collaboration with Art

You can also enjoy the fusion of kimonos with art. You can spend precious time where the beauty of the kimono and art collaborate while visiting museums and galleries.

Freedom of Style Selection

Various styles of kimonos can be enjoyed in Tokyo. You can choose freely from traditional kimonos to modern kimonos arranged a bit like Western-style, expressing your own style.

Stylish Café Tour

There are many stylish cafes in Tokyo. It’s also recommended to go cafe hopping in a kimono and spend a relaxing time.

Shopping Experience

Shopping is also one of the charms of Tokyo. Shopping in a kimono may lead to new discoveries and encounters.

Feeling the Nature of the City

Tokyo also has nature-rich spots. Wearing a kimono and walking in the park or visiting a garden allows you to feel the tranquility and beauty within the city.

Renting a kimono in Tokyo is a wonderful way to discover new attractions of this city. In this city where modern and traditional are integrated, please spend a special day wearing a kimono.

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