Top 20 Reasons to Enjoy Kimono Rental in Japan


If you want to fully appreciate Japan’s traditions, culture, and landscapes, you cannot miss the opportunity to stroll around wearing a kimono. Kimonos embody the history and spirit of Japan, and touring while experiencing this traditional attire allows you to feel a deeper charm of Japan. Here, we will introduce in detail 20 reasons why you should enjoy renting a kimono in Japan.

Exploration of Historical Places

Historical places are spots where you can feel the spirit of Japan. By wearing a kimono, a harmony is created with these places, allowing you to experience a sense of time travel back to ancient Japan. For instance, in the old towns of Kyoto or the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima, you can feel the history and background of the land.

Experience of Japanese Culture

Japan has various cultures that have been passed down from ancient times. Each with its unique philosophy and background, such as tea ceremony, flower arrangement, and calligraphy. Experiencing these cultures while wearing a kimono allows you to understand the beauty and spirituality of Japan more profoundly.

Sceneries of Each Season

The four seasons in Japan are charming, each in their unique way—spring cherry blossoms, summer greens, autumn leaves, and winter snowscapes. Experiencing the beauty of nature in a kimono is exceptional. The colors and patterns of the kimono harmonize with the seasonal sceneries, enabling you to enjoy memorable views.

Strolling in Beautiful Gardens

Japan has many beautiful gardens. Walking in a garden wearing a kimono makes you feel one with the scenery, enabling you to feel Japan’s nature and the changing seasons. Ponds, rocks, and plants create landscapes that soothe the soul.


In recent years, due to the prevalence of social networks, a culture of sharing travel photos has taken root. In particular, the combination of Japanese sceneries and kimonos is trendy. Photography in ancient shrines, temples, and nature will become lifelong memories.

Dining at Ryotei and Ryokan

Dining in a kimono at a ryotei or ryokan is an experience that allows you to appreciate Japanese cuisine even more. The kimono enhances the flavors and presentation of Japanese dishes, making the meal feel even more special. Additionally, the calming atmosphere of the ryokan and the customer service at the ryotei are also deeply felt when wearing a kimono.

Festivals and Events

Participating in Japanese festivals and events in a kimono allows you to feel the traditional Japanese atmosphere more directly. By wearing a kimono, you get closer to local culture and traditions, and it also strengthens the bond with the local people. Also, it enhances the festive mood, ensuring a delightful time.

Art Appreciation

Wearing a kimono while appreciating Japanese art could deepen your understanding and emotion towards the artwork. Various art forms like Kabuki, Noh, and Japanese paintings are deeply rooted in Japanese history and culture. Wearing a kimono while experiencing these arts makes you realize their beauty and depth even more.

Wedding and Coming of Age Ceremonies

A special outfit is indispensable for special days. Kimonos are suitable attire for formal occasions such as weddings and Coming of Age ceremonies. Wearing a kimono in such essential rituals allows you to feel the formality and tradition.

It is recommended to wear a higher quality kimono, not a tourist one, when attending weddings or Coming of Age ceremonies.

Theme Park Visits

Kimonos are also popular in theme parks. Wearing a kimono while spending time in Disneyland or Universal Studios Japan makes the extraordinary space feel even more special. Visiting a theme park in a kimono offers a different kind of enjoyment from usual.

Castle Touring

Visiting Japanese castles while wearing a kimono is an enriching experience filled with history and beauty. The elegant architecture of the castles paired with the beauty of the kimono allows you to spend time immersed in visual delight while feeling the historical background and unique features of the area.

Touring Tourist Spots

Touring tourist spots in a kimono enhances the charm of your journey. Walking through historical temples and shrines, beautiful gardens, captivating old castles, and charming shopping streets in a kimono allows you to feel deeply connected to the history and culture of the places, making the sights more vibrant and memorable.

Visiting Japanese-style Cafés

Japanese-style cafés are where tradition and modernity merge. Wearing a kimono when visiting these cafés makes the atmosphere, drinks, and dishes feel exceptionally special. Surrounded by tatami rooms, wooden furniture, and a serene atmosphere, it allows you to fully appreciate the Japanese ambiance.

Seaside Strolls

Walking along the seaside in a kimono is a luxurious experience. The expanse of the sea, scent of the tides, and the sound of waves soothe the spirit, and wearing a kimono adds a refined essence to the experience, making a stroll at dusk particularly memorable.

Visiting Filming Locations of Movies and Dramas

Wearing a kimono while visiting the filming locations of movies and dramas gives a feeling of being immersed in the world of the story. It allows a deeper emotional connection with the story, making the scenery and buildings feel even more captivating.

Japanese Museums and Art Galleries

Museums and art galleries are places to quietly encounter art and history. Wearing a kimono when visiting these places enhances the harmony with the exhibits and a deeper appreciation of the historical background is felt, resulting in a richer understanding.

Japanese Zoos and Aquariums

Visiting zoos and aquariums while wearing a kimono is also a unique experience. Taking photos with adorable animals and beautiful marine creatures while dressed in a kimono creates an exceptionally charming atmosphere. Additionally, wearing a kimono naturally fosters a gentle and extraordinary interaction with the animals.

Boat Rides along Rivers

Taking a boat ride along the river while wearing a kimono is very romantic. The view of the riverside and changing seasons, paired with the elegance of the kimono, offers a valuable experience.

Night-time Strolls

Night-time strolls in a kimono in Japan offer a mystical and romantic experience. The city lights and moonlight beautifully complement the colors and designs of the kimono, enhancing the extraordinary experience.

Hot Spring Areas

Wearing a kimono when visiting hot spring areas promotes relaxation. Walking around the hot spring town in a kimono, feeling the natural scenery, historic buildings, and relaxing after a bath is a deeply soothing experience.

Rent a kimono for various reasons and spend time touching the beautiful scenery, culture, and history of Japan. The combination of the elegance of the kimono and the scenery of Japan will create lifelong memories.